The Characteristic of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device in Coal Sampling System

The samples will be easily affected by external factors during the transfer or storage process so as to influence the test result. In order to evade these risk factors, we should realize the mechanization and automation of the coal sampling and preparation system. The intelligent sample collection device, as the last link of the mechanized coal sampling and preparation system, ensures the system’s stability and reliability, so that the sealed status of the sample can be realized and the human factors interference for sample quality in the whole process can be avoided.

In the article Study of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device in Coal Sampling System, we talked about the research and development and the working principle of the intelligent sample collection device. In this article, we will continue with the characteristic of the intelligent sample collection device.

The Characteristic of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device

The Blockage Monitoring System

With the fluctuation of coal quality in the market, especially when we do the sampling and preparation for some large-size and high-moisture coal, the existing mechanized coal sampling and preparation system does not has the function of monitoring the operating process. So these large-size and high-moisture coal samples may easily block the equipment, such as the empty cavity formed in the crusher and the blockage occurred in three hoppers of the rotary division machine. This kind of fault will not affect the normal operation of mechanical equipment, which means the system cannot monitor the occurrence of the fault. It will result in the samples needed for testing fail to meet the specifications. All the coal samples will be returned to the main belt and regarded as abandoned samples. Therefore, adding a monitoring device at the end of the system to find and deal with the fault is necessary.

The existing collector blockage monitoring system mostly adopts the weighing mode, that is, a weighing sensor is equipped at the lower part of the sample collector, which can judge the collection quantity of the sample through the increase of sample mass and make the comparison to determine whether the system is blocked or not. However, in practical application, the final sample mass is too small to compared with the dead weight of the collector, so the weighing sensor is required to be extremely accurate. That will result in the project cost is too high to be popularized.

The intelligent sample collector shown in the following figure is equipped with a blockage monitoring system. In this system, the matrix optical fiber sensor is used to conduct real-time monitoring of coal sample dropping. It is arranged at the feeding port of the sample collector, which can prompt alarm for the blockage failure in the system.


The Intelligent Sample Collection Barrel

The intelligent sample collection barrel is equipped with a sealing cover that with a password lock. When the operator opens the observation door of the sample collector, the sample barrel will be automatically locked and sealed, and print the electronic label. The GPS chip is built in the sample barrel, which can realize the monitoring of the whole process. When the samples are transported to the laboratory, the operator will scan and unlock them through a proprietary handheld scanner, so as to realize the sample number automatically entry.

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